95% LTV Mortgage

There are many mortgage schemes available to clients that have a 5% deposit such as the Help to Buy scheme, Shared Ownership scheme or a mortgage where family can help.

Our advisers can talk you through how these schemes work and help you become a home owner.

If you have previous bad credit registered and therefore have a low credit score we have lenders that can help.

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What is a 95% LTV Mortgage?

A 95% mortgage enables you to borrow up to 95% of the purchase price of the property you want to buy, with the remaining 5% made up as your deposit.

An arrangement like this will sometimes be referred to as a 95% LTV mortgage, where LTV stands for ‘loan-to-value’ In other words, the mortgage is for 95% of the property’s market price.

Here is an example:

  • Property market price £150,000.
  • 95% mortgage of £142,500.
  • Deposit of £7,500

Are 95% mortgages available?

At the time of writing this page, Sept 2020, there are currently no standard 95% mortgages available, however there are other ways in which having a 5% deposit can allow you to get on the property ladder such as the Help to Buy Scheme, Shared Ownership Scheme or family assistance mortgages.

What is the Help To Buy Scheme?

The Government’s Help to Buy scheme can be a great opportunity for those who are struggling to raise a deposit of more than 5%.

The Help to Buy scheme makes it easier for first-time buyers and home movers to buy a property with a 5% deposit, The government scheme will then provide you with an equity loan up to an additional 20% of the house value or (40% if you’re buying in London) and you can then get a mortgage for the remaining balance.

The scheme can only be used for new-build properties and the equity loan is interest-free for the first five years, after this time you would have to start paying this back.

Help to Buy example:

  • PV £400,000.
  • 5% Deposit £20,000.
  • 20% Help to Buy Equity Loan = £80,000.
  • 75% Mortgage for £300,000

You can pay back the equity loan either by selling the property or you could pay a lump sum back directly. Please note the Help to Buy share will be based upon the current market value when working out how much you owe.

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95% LTV Mortgage FAQ's

Is it possible to get a mortgage with a 5% deposit?
Yes – There are several mortgage schemes available where a 5% deposit is accepted, however the mortgage schemes can be a little more complex, so speaking to an experienced broker is essential.
For 95% Mortgages should I speak to a broker?
Yes – When taking out a mortgage you want to know all your options and get advice for the most appropriate mortgage based upon your needs and circumstances. A mortgage broker will take their time to understand your position, research the market and give you advice.
95% LTV Mortgage
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