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How we work?
By making an enquiry we will contact you to discuss your needs and outline if we can be of assistance. We will then request a copy of your credit file and this will be passed to a qualified adviser to review and give you advice and discuss possible quotations. If you wish us to proceed and get a ‘Decision in Principle’ we can do so. Once we have a decision from the lender we will discuss and email you a formal quotation and outline the process from there.
What is a homeowner loan?
This is a loan secured on your property as you are a homeowner. As the loan is secured upon the property lenders are more willing to provide cheaper rates when compared to unsecured loans and additionally can lend you more money over a longer term.
Can you get a secured loan with a bad credit history?
Yes. If you have had bad credit in the form of mortgage arrears, defaults, county court judgements, IVA and payday loans we have lenders that can help providing you have enough equity and can clearly afford any new borrowing.
How much can I borrow?
Secured loan lenders provide loans from £10,000 to £750,000. This depends upon your credit profile, equity in the property and affordability.
Why take out a secured loan rather than a remortgage?
We will always explore both options to ensure you get the right advice. Here are some reasons why a secured loan is more suitable, when compared to a remortgage:
  • Your main mortgage is at a low rate and any remortgage will be at a higher rate.
  • Your main mortgage has a large early repayment charge if you were to redeem this.
  • Your main mortgage has a long term left, whereas you want to borrow £XX over a shorter term to pay off quicker.
  • Your credit profile may mean a remortgage is not possible.
I have been declined in the past – can you help?
The key to this question is why you were declined. We provide an advised service, so if we cannot help you now we will explain why and provide advice as to what you need to do to be able to get a loan in the future.
How quickly can I get a secured loan?
Typical completion time from application is between 4 – 6 weeks.
What loan purposes do you accept?
Most legal purposes are allowed.
Which loan company is best for bad credit?
There is no one company that is best for bad credit loans as it all depends upon your circumstances and what your needs are. If you are a homeowner looking for loan companies that offer loans of £20K+ to clients with a poor credit history these are mostly available via mortgage and loan brokers. You should seek advice in this area as there may be more suitable finance options such as a Further Advance or Remortgage rather than a loan. A qualified and experienced broker can review all these options and provide you with the advice that is needed.
Can I get a loan with very poor credit?
Possibly, but how much will be offered to you depends upon your circumstances, your needs and ultimately what you can afford to borrow. There are specialist lenders that offer loans to clients with very poor credit profiles (such as defaults, missed payments and/or county court judgements being registered due to a life event happening such as loss of job, family death or health issues), but the lender has to be confident that you can afford the monthly payments going forward.
Can you get a personal loan with a credit score of 550?
Personal loans also known as unsecured loans generally go up to £25,000 however you will probably need a good credit score to achieve this. Whether a credit score of 550 is good enough is down to the lender and you will have to apply for the loan to find out whether you qualify. If you are declined for a personal loan and you are a homeowner potentially a secured loan could be considered and you should seek advice in this area.
Who will give loans with bad credit?
Many lenders would consider providing loans to clients with bad credit, however most of these lenders are only available via brokers. It is always a good idea to speak to your bank for a loan first of all and also speak to a qualified broker who can provide unsecured and secured loan options for you to consider.

Secured Personal Loan Bad Credit

Worried that your credit history is ruining your chances of getting a loan? Don't be; there's no need to worry! If you own a home, you can take out a homeowner loan. This is a great way to release the equity in your property for a number of reasons.

Here at the Money Hub, we work with a large panel of lenders who offer poor credit loans in the UK. We constantly help people with bad credit get loans and after taking some personal details we could be able to give you a in principle decision and at a competitive interest rate. Personal loans start from £1,000 and the loan repayment term can be anything up to 25 years.

How do I find out my credit score?
There are different ways you can do this. One of the easiest ways it to sign up to Experian (they have a 30-day FREE trial!). All signed up? Now you can see how your credit score is. It will be either poor, fair, good or excellent. You can also see the previous finances that you have obtained. County Court Judgements (CCJs) will also be visible. Experian is a great tool to use to increase your credit score. If you think you may not be able to get credit after you have signed up and seen your score, give us a call. You can speak to The Money Hub's experienced loan brokers. We help many clients with bad credit scored and can help them get a loan.

What's a default and how do I know if I have any?
Simply put, a default is a missed loan repayment. It can also include missed payments for your credit card or car finance. Usually, a default occurs when you miss consecutive payments, and the lender wants the full balance back. Or if the lender wants to set up a payment plan to get back the money you owe. Not adhering to the credit agreement terms will appear on your credit report. This can also be sent to credit reference agencies and effect your chances of getting credit in the future. Don't be worried if you have defaults. They don't always prevent you from getting a loan. The Money Hub works with specialist lenders who help those who have a bad credit history.

What is a CCJ (County Court Judgement)?
A CCJ is a court order in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It can be registered against you if you don't repay money that you owe. The court judgement will show you how much you owe and how you will have to repay it. There are many different reasons why a CCJ may be registered against you. These include:

  • Not paying a Council Tax Bill.
  • Not paying water rates.
  • Not paying gym memberships.
  • Not paying mobile telephone bill.
  • Not paying finance for solar panels / windows / kitchen etc.

We work together with a number of lenders who lend to consumers with poor credit, even if you have CCJs. Even if you think you have no chance of getting a loan, you should still apply. You might be surprised!



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