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If you need more specialist remortgage lenders as you are, for example, Self Employed and only have 1 years accounts, or you have bad credit registered such as missed payments, defaults or CCJ’s – we have lenders that can help.

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Remortgages are available for people who either want to change their existing mortgage or to borrow more against the property for whatever reason, be that home improvements, holidays etc.

Depending on the original mortgage, a remortgage can literally save thousands of pounds. You may be locked into a fixed rate that is no longer competitive and you will be paying more a month in repayments than you actually need to, or your circumstances may have changed which mean that you are now in a stronger position to qualify for a more attractive and competitive mortgage. Another reason to remortgage is that a fixed interest rate deal is about to come to an end and you may want to fix a rate with another lender to save money when your current mortgage rate increases. Fixed rate mortgages usually last for between 3 and 5 years so it is not unusual for people to shop around and remortgage after these deals end.

Other reasons for Remortgages include your loan to value ratio has risen significantly, as repayments have been made and the property value has increased. This would give you more bargaining power to attract a more competitive mortgage deal. You may want to pay more of your mortgage off but your current deal will not allow this, which may be a good reason to remortgage also. Or perhaps, quite simply you want to borrow more and this is not available from your current mortgage company.

Remortgaging is not the huge task that it was perceived to be many years. Remortgaging or switching mortgages is relatively straight forward now and finding the right mortgage product is less daunting than it used to be,. Many home owners are in good control of their finances and recognise that it can be a buyers market, so they are happy to remortgage a number of times throughout the duration of their property purchase, maximising lower interest rates and fixed term deals.

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Remortgage FAQ's

What is a remortgage?
This is where you raise a new mortgage on the property you own to either replace a current mortgage &/or borrow additional money for different uses such as home improvements and/or debt consolidation. It is a good idea to speak to a mortgage broker who can access all mortgage deals in the market and give you advice on the most suitable remortgage products available.
Can you remortgage with bad credit?
There are mortgage lenders that will lend to clients that have bad credit registered however it very much depends upon when this bad credit was registered, what type of debt the bad credit was on (i.e. loan, credit card or mobile phone), The amount of the bad credit and have you been able to satisfy this since it happened. Lenders that provide mortgages to clients who have bad credit are generally only available through mortgage brokers, so it is advisable to speak with an experienced broker in this area.
How long does it take to remortgage?
Typically 4 to 6 weeks. The key here is to make sure you provide all the required documentation straight away as this is generally where delays can happen.
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