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Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages are often required where you want to purchase a property or refinance an existing debt and the property is for business use, i.e. industrial unit or office space. Some high street banks and building societies do offer commercial mortgages however they can have a strict lending policy and if you have bad credit registered, such as missed payments, CCJ or had a previous business that was closed with an outstanding debt, you will more than likely need a more specialist lender to provide a bad credit commercial mortgage.

What deposit will I need to put down for a bad credit commercial mortgage?

This depends upon may factors such as the type of asset (property), the financial position of the business who wishes to purchase the asset and overall credit profile. It is common that you would be required to put down at least a 35% deposit. It is worth discussing your enquiry with an experienced commercial broker to confirm the deposit amount required.

What interest rate will I be charged if I have bad credit?

Interest rates on commercial mortgages are usually risk related. This means that the lender will look at each commercial mortgage application and asses a number of things that include the risk factor and exposure to the lender. There is a standard risk profile used by many commercial mortgage lenders and this is used to asses each application individually.

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Commercial Mortgage FAQ's

Can I get a commercial mortgage with bad credit?
There are specialist lenders that provide bad credit commercial mortgages to clients and these lenders generally offer their mortgages through selected commercial brokers. If you have had missed payments or defaults for example, we could help source a commercial mortgage for you.
Can I get a commercial mortgage with a low credit score?
Many commercial mortgage lenders don’t take into consideration your credit score, instead they are interested in your overall credit profile – i.e. how you manage credit. To qualify for high street lenders you will need a good credit profile, however if you have some bad credit registered such as defaults or CCJ’s for example, there are specialist lenders available through mortgage brokers who could help.
Commercial Mortgages with Bad Credit
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