Commercial Mortgages

We are able to help clients find a commercial mortgage whether they are a new start up business or have been trading for many years.

We have lenders that will accept 1 Years accounts and will accept any previous bad credit, such as Defaults or Court Court Judgements, that have been registered.

Our experienced commercial mortgage consultants have a large panel of lenders that we work with and we would be happy to help you.

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Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages often exist to pick up where business loan requirements become of a higher value. Lenders will offer secured and unsecured loans to businesses but once a higher loan amount is required, often above the £25,000 level then the costs of securing the loan against a property, be that personal or business, or securing Director guarantees, the sensible and cost effective option is to look at a commercial mortgage.

It is normal for a commercial mortgage lender to take up to 70% of the loan value as security for themselves. This is often by way of the commercial property itself. On occasions where the 30% initial payment is not available some commercial mortgage lenders will look at other property that has equity to cover the shortfall. This may be a Directors personal property.

Commercial Mortgages are usually available for periods between 3 and 25 years and are not usually considered to be viable or cost effective for periods less than 3 years. Other options for shorter term borrowing include bridging loans. Most commercial mortgages are variable rate with the rate percentage quoted over LIBOR. A good comparison on a personal mortgage would be a tracker mortgage that tracks base rate and is adjusted up or down according to interest rate fluctuations.

Interest rates on commercial mortgages are usually risk related. This means that the lender will look at each commercial mortgage application and asses a number of things that include the risk factor and exposure to the lender. There is a standard risk profile used by many commercial mortgage lenders and this is used to asses each application individually.

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