Remortgage Advice and Costs

If you are seeking advice as you are looking to remortgage we can certainly help.

Our experienced remortgage advisers will be happy to explore your options, give you advice on different types of mortgages available and fully explain all the costs involved.

If you have a low credit score due to bad credit being registered we have specialist lenders that would be able to help.

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Remortgage Advice & Costs Involved

Getting remortgage advice from an experienced and qualified mortgage broker is something you should definitely consider. Here we outline the reasons why people remortgage, the remortgage costs involved and the benefit of using a broker.

Why get mortgage advice?

There are over 70 mortgage lenders offering over 1000 different mortgage options. A mortgage is probably the largest financial commitment you will ever take out, so you want to make sure the mortgage is suitable to your current circumstances and also fits with your long term plans. Mortgage brokers can review the options provided by your existing mortgage lender and compare that against what other lenders are offering to make sure you get the most suitable mortgage.

What is a Remortgage?

A remortgage is available to someone who already has an existing mortgage and wants to change the mortgage for a variety of reasons.

Your current deal is about to end.

Let’s start off with one of the most common reasons to remortgage. Many of the cheapest mortgage deals will only last often between 2 and 5 five years this is the typical length of time offered on most fixed rate products.

When it comes to an end of your current mortgage product your lender will generally transfer you onto their standard Variable Rate which will often be much more expensive each month. If you are coming up to the end of your product, you want to be ready to remortgage so you can find a cheaper rate before your existing deal finishes. We would recommend you seek remortgage advice 3 months before your initial rate finishes.

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Remortgage Advice FAQ's

Where can you get remortgage advice?
Mortgage brokers provide remortgage advice to clients. The benefit of discussing your options with a mortgage broker is that they can access the whole market of mortgage products and source the most suitable deal for you rather than going to a bank directly which can only offer their products.
What is the cost of a remortgage?
This depends on many factors. Typically you have to pay for valuation fees, lender fees and legal fees however many lenders offer incentives to win business and therefore these fees may not be charged. It is worth speaking to a mortgage broker who can compare the fee charging mortgages vs the fees free option and calculate which is the more favourable option.
Is a remortgage a good idea?
This really depends upon your circumstances. If you current rate has expired and you are on the lenders standard variable rate it is worth exploring your options. If you want to raise extra money for home improvements or debt consolidation this could be achieved through a remortgage, a further advance or a secured loan. A mortgage broker could investigate all your options, the overall cost and give you advice on the best route.
Remortgage Advice and Costs
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