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Home Insurance

Home Insurance is an essential requirement of being granted a mortgage as clearly the property needs to be insured to protect the mortgage lender in the event of the house being damaged or destroyed by whatever causes. Home Insurance is different to home contents insurance which, as the name suggests, covers the house contents – valuables and furnishings / fittings as opposed to the house structure itself.

House contents cover insurance covers you for valuables in the house such as watches, jewellery, electrical equipment as well ac carpets and furnishings. The devastating effect of a kitchen fire can smoke damage many items in a house, as can a flood from frozen or corroded pipes. There is also the unfortunate possibility of a burglary that can leave huge costs to replace precious items. When you do an inventory of your house you will be shocked at the replacement value of everything within.

Home building insurance cover will cover damage repairs or indeed rebuilds in the event of a catastrophic event that may damage or even destroy your home. Falling trees smashing roofs, fires that damage the property severely, wind and storm damage are all normally covered by home insurance.

Factors that affect the home insurance premium include the value of the property, its postcode location which may be a low risk or high risk area for various factors such as flooding or burglary. Other elements that have an impact on premiums are previous claims by the applicant as well as high value items that need to be covered by your home insurance. These may include expensive jewellery, watches, paintings and works of art etc.

Applying for home insurance is relatively easy and will require standard questionnaires to be completed that relate to the number of people in the property, its age and size, potential risk and content value.

For Buildings and Contents Insurance we offer a referral service to Uinsure. With your permission we would pass your details to Uinsure and they would then contact you and discuss your requirements. If you proceeded with them we would receive a commission for introducing you to them.

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