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How to get a CCJ Mortgages

If you have a registered or settled County Court Judgement (CCJ), there are still mortgages available for you. As CCJs are issued when you haven’t paid money you owe, this can impact you taking out a mortgage. The Money Hub work with lenders that could accept your application, so enquire with us today to find out how we can help.

What is a CCJ?

County Court Judgements, otherwise known as CCJs, is where a finance company or other body has registered a claim against you in the county court, because of non-payment. This can be you individually or as a company.

CCJs can be very detrimental to you, especially when it comes to your whole credit experience. You may have problems opening bank accounts, applying for credit cards, loans and HP finance and especially being accepted for a mortgage with your typical high street bank.

Those who have been issued a CCJ have historically found it much more difficult to successfully apply for a mortgage. There are however a number of specialist CCJ mortgage lenders at The Money Hub who will review your application and be able to assist you.

If you’re keen to secure a mortgage deal that fits in with your specific needs, just get in touch with the team today who will put you on the right path!

Getting a mortgage with a CCJ

There are specialist mortgage lenders who offer their products through mortgage brokers that can help. This may not be as straight forward as some may think, but it is possible. You should speak with a broker that has experience in helping clients find a mortgage where they have bad credit such as a CCJ registered against them.

So, can I get a mortgage with a CCJ?

Yes, it is possible to still obtain a mortgage, even if you have CCJs on your credit file. However, it does depend upon many factors, such as:

  • The lender will want to know how long ago the CCJ’s were registered. Usually, if they are quite old and below a certain amount, specialist CCJ lenders may dis-regard this information.
  • If any CCJ have been marked as ‘satisfied’, on your credit file, your chances will be greater, as the lenders will see that you have made the effort to pay them off. A satisfied” CCJ means exactly that, that you have settled the outstanding charges and the CCJ has been resolved. It will still take 6 years to be removed from your credit profile, and you may find that you have to explain as to what happened, that resulted in the CCJs. Some lenders prefer 12 months to 24 months to have passed when the account/s were settled , but others may be more lenient with your application, as they specialise with these issues and a specialist mortgage broker such as The Moneyhub Limited will be able to advise you accordingly.
  • The number of CCJs could also be an issue if they are considered to be excessive, or if the amount of the CCJs registered against you is very high, this may affect your mortgage chances. High Street lenders are less likely to take the risk, but specialist bad credit mortgage lenders could help.
  • If you are looking to purchase a property and have CCJs registered, you may have to have a larger deposit, but again this may vary due to the factors listed above.

How would I know if I have a CCJ?

If you have been making credit applications and have been finding that you are getting declined, it might be because you have a CCJ against your name. It may be that you’ve moved address, and this was registered without your knowledge. To be certain, you can check on credit reference agencies such as Experian and Equifax.

There is also another method of checking this information and it is called the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines and you can request a CCJ check against your name; it is maintained by The Registry Trust, on behalf of The Ministry of Justice. There is a small fee for all of these services, and they are available to search online.

Can I get a CCJ removed from my credit file?

Yes, it is possible to get a CCJ removed from your credit file, but you will need to prove that:

  • The debt was paid within 30 days of being issued
  • It’s been six years since you received the CCJ
  • You successfully disputed the CCJ or another part was proven responsible for it

If you never received the CCJ in the first place and it has appeared on your file, then in this situation you will need to contact the court where the CCJ was made. You should also contact a credit reference agency and get a ‘notice of correction’ added to your credit report.

Will the size of the CCJ affect my mortgage application?

Yes, it will do. It is perhaps not as vital as the time passed since it was received, but it is still an important factor. If the CCJ was beyond six years ago, it will not appear on your credit score and may even be ignored by your lender.

Contact the CCJ mortgage specialists today

We understand how to help clients that have had bad credit registered in the past such as a CCJ, so as an independent mortgage broker, we are here to provide you with impartial advice and information to help you.

We have specialist experienced mortgage advisors waiting to do the hard work for you with each individual application being processed specifically for your circumstances, making the process of applying for a CCJ mortgage stress free. To find out more about how The Money Hub could help you, please get in touch with the team today.

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CCJ Mortgages FAQ’s

There are specialist lenders that provide mortgages to clients where they have bad credit marks on their credit report like CCJ’s and defaults. You generally have to go through a mortgage brokers to access these products.

To pass with a high street lender you will need a good/excellent credit score, however there are lenders available through mortgage brokers who do not credit score applications and they are willing to lend to clients that have bad credit registered like missed payments, defaults and county court judgements (CCJ’s).

Your credit report shows your credit data for the last 6 years. Any debt such as a CCJ registered more than 6 years ago will not show on your credit report, however you will still owe the money.

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