Bad Credit Mortgages we offer:

CCJ Mortgages

If you have a CCJ registered against you, you may struggle to get a mortgage from high street lenders – and that’s where The Money Hub can help you.

We have a specialist panel of mortgage lenders that can help, and an experienced team of mortgage advisers who can help clients that have bad credit registered against them such as missed payments, defaults or County Court Judgements.

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Bad Credit Mortgages we offer:

CCJ Mortgages

If you have a registered or settled County Court Judgement (CCJ), there are still mortgages available for you. As CCJs are issued when you haven’t paid money you owe, this can impact you taking out a mortgage. The Money Hub work with lenders that could accept your application, so enquire with us today to find out how we can help.

What is a CCJ?

County Court Judgements, otherwise known as CCJs, is where a finance company or other body has registered a claim against you in the county court, because of non-payment. This can be you individually or as a company.

CCJs can be very detrimental to you, especially when it comes to your whole credit experience. You may have problems opening bank accounts, applying for credit cards, loans and HP finance and especially being accepted for a mortgage with your typical high street bank.

Those who have been issued a CCJ have historically found it much more difficult to successfully apply for a mortgage. There are however a number of specialist CCJ mortgage lenders at The Money Hub who will review your application and be able to assist you.

If you’re keen to secure a mortgage deal that fits in with your specific needs, just get in touch with the team today who will put you on the right path!

Getting a mortgage with a CCJ

There are specialist mortgage lenders who offer their products through mortgage brokers that can help. This may not be as straight forward as some may think, but it is possible. You should speak with a broker that has experience in helping clients find a mortgage where they have bad credit such as a CCJ registered against them.

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CCJ Mortgages
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