Contractor Mortgages

Helping contractors get a mortgage is a niche area that we specialise in.

Many contractors struggle to raise the required borrowing from traditional banks, however we have lenders that welcome contractors and our experienced advisers would be happy to talk you through your mortgage options, fully explain the mortgage process and the costs involved.

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Contractor Mortgages

Getting a mortgage as a contractor can be a challenge as lenders have different ways of calculating how much you could borrow and therefore the mortgage available could be vastly different from lender to lender. Using a contractor mortgage broker that specialises in helping contractors can save a lot of time, money and stress.

Many clients approach us as they have been declined by their bank, however we have a large panel of lenders, some high street based, that can provide mortgages to contractors.

What is a Contractor Mortgage?

Let’s start with what a contractor is first – so this is someone who offers their skills and expertise for a contracted period of time – like 6 or 12 months for example. At the end of the contract, the contract will terminate and the services provided will stop. Generally the contractor will then move onto another contract within another company or the existing contract may be extended.

How do contractors get paid?

Employed Fixed Term Contract – This is where the contractor is employed on typically a day rate for X period of time. In this situation the contractor will be provided with payslips in which National Insurance Contributions and Income Tax would have been deducted at source.

Contractor mortgage as a Sole Trader – In this situation the contractor would generally issue an invoice on typically a monthly basis to the firm which has contracted in their services and this invoice is paid without any deductions. The Sole Trader contractor would then submit yearly accounts and pay any taxes that are due.

Contractor Mortgage through a Limited Company – Here the contractors company would typically issue an invoice to the firm which it has been contracted to work to be paid on a weekly or monthly basis. This invoice is paid to the Limited Company and then the limited company would pay the contractor as a salary &/or dividends. The Limited Company would have to provide yearly accounts and pay relevant taxes due and the contractor would also have to submit a yearly tax return for the income they have personally received.

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Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage FAQ's

Why use a contractor mortgage broker?
Getting a mortgage as a contractor is not as simple when compared to an employed person. Lenders can underwrite these mortgages differently and depending upon which lender you use the amount you can borrow could be quite different. Using a broker with experience in this area that can give you advice is really important.
What lenders offer mortgages to contractors?
Many lenders will provide mortgages to contractors however it is how the lender will calculate the borrowing possible and the underwriting that they would require, which is where the lenders can differ.
Contractor Mortgages
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