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Remortgage with Equity Release

Most property values that have increased over the last 15 years, so many people are fortunate to have a lot of equity within their property which they would like to tap into and use for many reasons. Here we explore why people release equity and how it can be achieved?

Why remortgage your property to release the equity?

There are many reasons why people do this – here are the typical reasons that we see:

  • Raise Money for Home Improvements - Maybe you wish to carry out home improvements such as a new kitchen, loft conversion, extension, new front and back garden or just a complete upgrade to the whole house. Taking out credit cards to fund this work can be expensive, so releasing equity through a remortgage could be a better solution.
  • Consolidate Debts - May be you have loans and credit cards that you want to consolidate with the aim to reduce your outgoings to a more sustainable and affordable level.
  • Buy Another Property - Maybe you want to purchase a Buy to Let property or a holiday home. You could release equity to put down a large deposit.
  • Gift Money to Family - With high property prices it is hard for the next generation to get onto the property ladder unless they have a good deposit to put down. By remortgaging and releasing equity you could help them purchase their first home.
  • Purchase Car - May be you need a new car and are looking at ways to finance this. You could try and borrow the money through an unsecured loan, but if unsuccessful maybe a remortgage could help you raise the money by releasing the equity within the property.
  • Business Expansion - If you own a business and want to grow this, you may need a cash injection which could come from releasing the equity you have in your home through a remortgage.

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Remortgage FAQ's

How can you release equity in your property?
This can be achieved by remortgaging for a larger amount than your current mortgage balance or you could take out a secured loan. This secured loan would sit behind your existing mortgage lender. It is important that you thoroughly explore both options before making a decision.
How much equity can I release?
This depends upon the lenders criteria. Typically lenders require you to have around 10-15% equity within the property, however some specialist lenders may not have a minimum equity amount.
Remortgage with Equity Release
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