Credit Check Mortgages

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Credit Check Mortgages

What is a credit check mortgage?

A credit check is the same as a credit search. This is where a company accesses your credit report to see information about you and gauge your credit worthiness. A credit check should only take place with your consent and there should be a good reason for them looking at your credit profile. Commonly credit checks are needed when:

  • Applying for a loan, mortgage or insurance contract.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • New mobile phone contract.
  • Potentially your employer may require one.
  • Utility providers such as Gas, electricity, water.

Based upon the information within your credit check the provider who you are seeking a product from will decide if you qualify for their service/product.

If you are looking to take out a mortgage with a high street bank or building society you will need to have a good credit profile, however if you have bad credit registered against you such as missed payments, defaults or county court judgements you will need a bad credit mortgage which is provided by specialist lenders accessible through mortgage brokers, such as The Money Hub.

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Bad Credit Mortgage FAQ's

What is a credit check?
This is where a company reviews your credit report to understand your financial history - i.e. credit you have taken out in the past, your payment history plus other information also.
Why is a credit check needed?
This is required by lenders to gauge what your credit worthiness is and if you pass their criteria. This will typically happen when you wish to take out credit such as a mortgage, loan, insurance contract or mobile phone contract for example.
When does a credit check need to be done?
A credit check is normally done right at the start of an application. It is good practice for you to be fully aware of what is on your credit report before making any applications. You can obtain a copy of your credit report by visiting Experian or Equifax.
Credit Check Mortgages
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