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Applying for a mortgage can seem daunting. It can sometimes be a complicated and lengthy process and the choices can seem overwhelming and hard to comprehend. We understand and we are here to help you…

At the Money Hub we can advise and help you choose the right mortgage. We can even help you secure funds if you have a bad credit history. We will help you to understand the conditions of your mortgage, giving you a full detailed breakdown along with the lenders details. Naturally, the most important thing is to make sure you will be able to afford the repayments.

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How we work?
By making an enquiry we will contact you to discuss your needs and outline if we can be of assistance. We will then request a copy of your credit file for a qualified adviser to review. After a full review of your credit profile the adviser will discuss this with you, provide advice and discuss possible quotations.

If you wish us to proceed and get a ‘Decision in Principle’ we can do so. Once we have a decision from the lender we will discuss and email you a formal quotation and outline our process going forward.
What sort of bad credit do you accept?
We have lenders that will accept clients who have had County Court Judgements (CCJ’s), Defaults, Missed payments, Debt Management Plans (DMP), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) and discharged bankruptcy. The general rule is that any bad credit needs to be registered over a year ago.
Do I need a deposit / equity?
Yes. You will need a minimum of a 10% deposit however, this is does depend on the level of bad credit that you have, so for example, if you have had CCJ’s/mortgage arrears in the last 2 years you may need to have 15%+ deposit. If you are buying a property through a shared ownership scheme we have lenders that do not require you to have a deposit. If you are buying a property through the Help to Buy scheme we have lenders that can help you providing you have a 5% deposit to put down.
How long does a bad credit mortgage take to arrange?
Once a Decision in Principle (DIP) has been done the typical arrangement times from mortgage application to offer is 1 month. Specialist bad credit mortgages do take more time when compared to standard high street mortgages, due to the extra due diligence that is required on these cases.
I have a low credit score – does that matter?
No. We have lenders some of whom are high street Building Societies that will lend to you if you simply have a low credit score, due to not being on the voters roll or not having much active credit. If you have a low credit score as a result of bad credit (CCJ’s/defaults/missed payments etc) we certainly have specialist lenders that can help.
I have been declined by other brokers – can you help?
The key to this question is why you were declined. We provide an advised service, so if we cannot help you now, we will explain why and provide advice as to what you need to do to be able to get a mortgage in the future.

Help to Buy Mortgages

Help to buy mortgages were a Government initiative that helped buyers to purchase a property when they only had a 5% deposit. There are a number of help to buy mortgage schemes available that include the following:

Help To Buy Mortgage – Guarantee Scheme

This scheme closed to new applicant son 31st December 2016 but for anyone already on the scheme, the 5% deposit is a requirement. Any property can be purchased and the buyer would own the property outright with no outside influence from the Government. The initial monthly payments would be higher than a standard mortgage due to there being no interest free loan period as with the help to buy equity loan scheme which is only available on new build properties.

Help To Buy – Equity Loan Scheme

As with the help to buy mortgage guarantee scheme, this scheme is also designed for people with a 5% deposit available. The aim by the Government is to get people on the housing ladder and this help to buy mortgage scheme is available only on new build properties. With this scheme the Government lends up to 20 per cent of the price of the property being purchased and repayments will kick in after 5 years to cover the interest on this element of the loan. New build properties under the value of £600,000 qualify for this scheme, with a requirement of a 5% deposit.

The 20% Government loan obviously reduces the initial mortgage repayments significantly. At the end of the mortgage term, or of course if the house is sold then the 20% needs to be repaid to the Government.

Help to buy mortgages are available from most lenders and we have a panel of experts that can consider and advise on your individual position and circumstances as to the most suitable help to buy mortgage scheme is appropriate for you.

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