Expat Mortgages

We are able to help clients find an ex-pat mortgage whether they are looking to purchase a property or remortgage an existing property.

We have a wide range of lenders that provide ex-pat mortgages and we are also able to help clients that have had bad credit registered such as missed payments, defaults or County Court Judgements against them.

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Expat Mortgages - Mortgages For Bad Credit

Expat mortgages can occasionally be a little tricky to arrange for a number of reasons. But there are experienced specialist lenders who deal with expat mortgages and understand the nuances of this mortgage product.

If someone has been living abroad for a relatively long period of time then it becomes harder for a lender to check their personal circumstances. Employment details and income for example may be difficult and time consuming to verify accurately. Employers can be hard to identify and gathering all of the relevant and required information can sometimes be almost impossible, depending where the individual has lived and for how long. Checking a persons credit rating when they have been living in a foreign country where the majority or all of their income has been generated can sometimes be almost impossible, and lenders may shy away for this reason, as it is a key indicator of financial reliability and stability.

Generally seen as higher risk, Expat Mortgages can sometimes be offered with a higher interest rate to offset the potential risk involved. This may be an issue initially with someone wanting an expat mortgage but as that person grows his UK credit rating there is the future option of reverting to a standard UK mortgage product, often a repayment mortgage.

We have significant experience in helping people with expat mortgages and have some specialist lenders who operate solely in this field. Get in touch if you are considering an expat mortgage and we will save you time,money and heartache with efficient friendly advice on how best to get the mortgage that most suits your personal circumstances.

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Expat Mortgages
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