Help to Buy Scheme for First Time Buyers

  • 5% Deposit Needed.
  • 20% Equity Loan (40% in London).
  • Bad Credit Accepted.
  • First Time Buyers.
  • New Build Properties Only.

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Help to Buy Scheme for First Time Buyers

The governments help to buy scheme was launched in 2013 to stimulate the housing market by helping first-time buyers and home movers purchase a new build property with a smaller deposit of 5%, and the government will provide an equity loan of up to 20% of the property’s value or 40% if the property is located in London.

What is an equity loan?

The government through the help to buy scheme will provide you with a loan which you have to use as part of your deposit to buy a property.

Let’s assume the property is based outside of London, so therefore you can get an equity loan of up to 20% of the property value, so if the property is valued at £300,000, you could get an equity loan of £60,000.

If the property was based in London and valued at £450,000, you could get an equity loan of up to £180,000.

Please note that the Help to buy scheme is only available on properties valued up to £600,000.

What payments do I have to make for this equity loan?

  • There are no payments required on this loan for the first 5 years.
  • In year 6 you will start to make payments to cover the interest you are being charged. The interest rate in year 6 is 1.75%.
  • In year 7 and onwards the initial rate of 1.75% will rise by the Retail Price Index plus 1%.
  • The payments that you make are ‘interest only’ payments and you are not paying off the capital you initially borrowed.

Let’s take an example if the property is valued at £300,000. You put down a deposit of 5% = £15,000. You get an equity loan for £60,000 and then a mortgage for the remaining to purchase the property. The payments on the equity loan of £60,000 in Year 6 will be £87.50 per month = £1050 over the year.

How do I repay this equity loan?

You can repay this loan in 3 ways:

  • When you sell the property – Please note that the equity loan balance i.e. 20% will be linked to the current sale value.
  • Remortgage the property. There may be the potential in the future to remortgage and raise capital to repay this loan.
  • You can make lump sum repayments of 10% at a time to clear the debt.

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