Protect Income when you cannot work due to Accident, Sickness or Unemployment.
3 Month Payment Holiday Available.
Cover available up to £2,000 a month.
12 Month Policies.
Flexible Policies.


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Vitality is the first insurance company to reward people for healthy living. Vitality aims to be the best at what they do...

With a unique approach to insurance, based on the principles of behavioural economics. They help you take a more active role in managing your wellness, this can encourage you to develop healthy long-term habits that are good for you, us and society.

As well as improving your long-term health, you can keep your premiums low, by improving your Vitality status to increase your no-claims discount. Plus get regular treats from a weekly Starbucks coffee and longer term rewards such as up to 40% off British Airways European flights. We only provide advice on Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection from Vitality (Vitality Life / Vitality Health).

Income Protection Insurance
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Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance is an insurance to protect your income against a number of possible eventualities. Short term income protection covers you for eventualities such as sickness, injury or shorter term illness, whilst long term income protection will cover your income for longer periods, perhaps a more serious injury or illness, or disability. Both will cover you for your income until you are ready to return to work or until the end of the term of the cover.

Short term income protection is designed usually as an insurance when taking out a loan and is designed to insure the loan payments against the borrowers inability to work through accident or illness. Most of the time this short term income protection insurance is not obligatory but gives great peace of mind for the borrower, knowing that in the event of any serious issues that the main loan and their income will be covered.

Longer term income protection insurance is designed for those looking to have an insurance in place that will protect them long term, for the duration of the policy to offer peace of mind that any financial commitments that they have will be covered in the eventuality of long term illness, loss of employment or even loss of life. Premiums are dictated by medical history as well as age. Needless to say lifestyle is examined also, as certain lifestyles will impact on the possibility of making a claim for illness for example, and premiums are adjusted accordingly.

Should you be interested in income protection get in contact with our specialist team. We have vast experience in this sector and can advise on which income protection policies, short or long term may be the most suited to your age, lifestyle and of course budget. You will also need to consider the income sums required to cover your beneficiaries.

Should you be interested in income protection get in contact with our specialist team. We will advise and make a personal recommendation to you after we have assessed your insurance needs. As a company we have decided to advise on Income Protection from a single company called Vitality (Vitality Life / Vitality Health).



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