Have you ever wondered where Britain’s most expensive properties are? If you want to live like a king, you can do so in the UK, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Most people would spend hundreds of thousands on a home, but how about millions? There are some beautiful mansions out there that fetch a little more than a pretty penny. We’ve taken a look at some of the most costly houses in the country so that you can take a little look for yourself.

The Rutland Gate Mansion

Expensive Properties - Properties in LondonLet’s start with the most expensive house in the UK. The Rutland Gate Mansion sits opposite Hyde Park in London. This property is currently on the market for quite an astonishing sum. In fact, the estate agents have set the sale price at £280 million. That is ten times as much as most of the properties on this list! According to sources, Saudi royals own this incredible 40-bedroom home. What’s more, the stamp duty on this house stands at £3.5 million. The world-famous interior design group, Alberto Pinto, have created the decor. As you might imagine, it is at once lavish and spectacular.

The Bishop’s Avenue House

Expensive Properties - A place in the countryThe Bishop’s Avenue house is in the middle of London, which is why it fetches such a high price. One of the major features of this home has to be the 2,700-square-foot ballroom, which is a real draw for buyers. Aside from that, there is a massive reception room, where people can entertain guests. And, if you’re too lazy to walk upstairs, there is also a lift to every floor of the property. There is no great lack of facilities here. The house has an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a steam room and a sauna. Unlike the other properties on this list, the decor is as modern as any other home. The price of this property is £24.9 million.

Kensington Park Gardens

Expensive Properties - London Town HousesSet in the sought-after area of Notting Hill, Kensington Park Gardens is a modern and expensive home. One of the main selling points of this house is the fact that it has a south-facing garden. The property dates back to around 1854 and is one of the most astonishing in the London area. In fact, the period-style terrace house is likely to fetch around £26 million when it goes on the market.

So, could you imagine yourself in any of these homes? You would need a whole lot of cash to buy one of these properties, but they are astounding.

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