Holiday Prices - Day at the BeachHow often do you take your children on holiday? Of course, all parents want to give their kids the best experiences when they are young. There is nothing better than spending some relaxing time with your family. Whether you choose to stay in the UK or go abroad, you are sure to have an incredible time. One of the things that trouble many parents is the fact that they have to book holidays during the school break. During this period, major holiday companies tend to put up the prices of their getaways. That leaves parents with a terrible choice. Either they pay up or don’t have a chance to take their kids away at all.

Many people have argued that this system is unfair. Since the parents don’t want to take their kids out of school, they can’t do anything about the price. If they want to give their kids a family holiday, they have to make sure that they can afford it. So, is it unfair that holiday companies can put the prices up this much? After all, they are businesses and they have to make profits too. The school breaks are the busiest times of the year, so who can blame them for wanting to profit from them? On the flip side of things, what can parents do when it comes to school breaks?

Holiday Prices - Boating HolidayHoliday prices

The Guardian newspaper reported on the difference between term-time holidays and break holidays. They found that a Center Parcs holiday in Bedfordshire would cost a family £759 during the term. Just a few weeks later, though, when the kids break up from school, the same holiday would skyrocket. The price of the holiday at that time would cost £1,149. That is a massive 51% price increase. For many families, who struggle with their financial situation, this amount is too much. An all-inclusive Thomson holiday would cost £3,333 in the term. When the summer comes around, though, the cost of the same break goes up to £4,181. That’s a 25% increase.


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Cheap alternatives

So, what are the alternatives for young families? Well, the truth is there aren’t all that many. In reality, if a family wants to go away, they need to fork out for the privilege. Renting an entire house is often a cheap option. Sites like Airbnb allow you to let an apartment or house for a short term. That means that you don’t have to pay hotel fees. Despite that, you still have to pay for the food and, the most expensive thing of all, the flights. Staying in the UK could be the best option for families since it means that they can cut the cost of travel.

School attendance

Finally, it is worth noting that this problem affects school attendance in a serious way. Many people find that they can’t afford to pay school break prices. Instead, they take their kids out of school so that they can have a holiday when it is term time. This solution is not a good idea as children miss out on important educational materials.

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