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Bad Credit Mortgages Southend

If you are looking for mortgage advice and you live in or around the coastal town of southend-on-sea we are here to help.

I’ve got bad credit registered – Can you help?

We are mortgage brokers that specialise in helping clients that have either a low credit score &/or bad credit registered. The types of bad credit that we can help clients with include:

  • Missed Payments.
  • Defaults.
  • County Court Judgements.
  • Low Credit Score.
  • Satisfied IVA / Bankruptcy.

Clients often feel that they may not have any mortgage options available, however we have a panel of lenders who offer their products through brokers which are designed to provide bad credit mortgages to clients that have been declined by high street lenders.

Does the bad credit registered have to be old, or can it be more recent?

The older the bad credit the more options you will have available, the less deposit will be needed and generally the rate will be lower, when compared to bad credit that has been registered more recently.

When considering a bad credit mortgage the first step is to obtain a copy of your credit report from a credit agency such as Experian or Equifax. With this in hand you should speak to one of our experienced and friendly advisers based in Southend who can talk you through your options.

What sort of deposit would I need?

This depends upon many factors such as what type of bad credit has been registered (i.e. missed payments or did the account go into default or was a county court judgement registered against you?), When did this event take place, the size of the debt, was the debt a mobile phone contract, credit card or a loan and have you since been able to resolve the issue?

Generally the more recent the poor credit issue the bigger a deposit would be needed. So for example if you had a £800 default registered recently you will probably need a deposit of 30/40% whereas if the default was 4 years ago you many only need a 15% deposit.

Every case is reviewed on its own merits, so you should discuss this with one of our Southend based bad credit mortgage specialists.

What type of mortgages do you offer?

The world of mortgages is constantly getting more and more complex and over time we have developed the team at The Money Hub to cater for our client needs. As outlined above helping clients in Southend arrange a poor credit mortgage is one specialist area however we are also able to help clients with the following types of mortgages.

  • Self Employed Mortgages – If you are a Sole Trader, Limited Company owner and take your income through salary and dividends or you are a in a partnership business, we have mortgage options to help you.
  • First Time Buyer Mortgages – Buying a property can seem like a daunting process, however we can give you advice and hold your hand through it all. Perhaps you want to use one of the government schemes such as Shared Ownership or Help to Buy which we are very experienced in.
  • Secured Loans – If you are looking to borrow money for home improvements or debt consolidation you should explore both the remortgage and secured loan route – We can advise you on both of these.
  • Bridging Loans – If you are a property developer and need to raise finance to purchase a property and a conventional mortgage is not possible, we can provide bridging loans to help you fund property development.

How to get in touch?

To get in contact with one of our experienced advisers please either call the office or complete the above enquiry form and your local southend-on-sea mortgage broker will be happy to help.

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Bad Credit Mortgage FAQ’s

There are specialist lenders available who provide mortgages through brokers for clients with bad credit registered such as missed payments, defaults and county court judgements.

To qualify for high street lenders you need to have a good credit score, however many lenders do not credit score clients and they will make a lending decision based upon the overall credit conduct.

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