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Self-Build Mortgage Broker

Most people associate mortgages with buying a home, but what happens if you want to purchase land and build your home? If you love the idea of designing your home and want to see this develop from paper to physically being built a self build mortgage could help you achieve this.

If you plan to build your property, you still need significant financial backing, and a bespoke mortgage is often required.

If you take this approach to find a home, it makes sense to call on help from experts. You should work closely with designers, architects, builders, and you should get relevant advice from trusted financial professionals. Anyone who plans on building their home should use the services of a self-build mortgage broker.

What is a self-build mortgage?

A self-build mortgage provides funding for people to build a home of their own. There is a difference between this style of mortgage and more traditional mortgages. With a self build mortgage, funds are issued at crucial points of the project and this is most commonly done once a specific stage has been completed, for example the foundations have been laid.

When are funds released with a self-build mortgage?

The build will be broken down into stages which are clearly lined out from the start. You can draw down the money in tranches - sometimes this can be in advance of the build stage, but most commonly you draw down the funds upon completion of a stage. Typical self build stages are:

  • Purchase of land.
  • Foundations.
  • Wall Plate level.
  • Watertight.
  • 1st Fix.
  • 2nd fix and completion.

A surveyor will visit the property to confirm and sign off that each stage has been completed to allow you to draw down the funds for that stage.

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Bad Credit Mortgage FAQ's

How much deposit do you need for a self build mortgage?
You will need between 25%-35% deposit to buy the land and the self build mortgage lender could provide 75%-100% of the build costs depending upon the final value of the property once complete.
Is it easy to get a self build mortgage?
These mortgages are more complex when compared to traditional mortgages, so you should seek advice from experienced advisers who can discuss the project in detail with you and outline how the mortgage will work.
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