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Bridging loans can be used for multiple purposes such as, help you buy a property where your sale has fallen down, Buy a property that is not suitable for a standard mortgage or for major renovation projects such as converting a house into multiple flats.

Bridging loans are a specialist product and you need to speak to someone who is very experienced in this area. Our advisers have the experience and would be happy to help you source a bridging loan even if you also have bad credit registered.

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A bridging loan is a short-term loan designed for property buyers and developers and can be used as either a temporary loan or even a short-term mortgage. Bridging loans can be used in a variety of circumstances and provide short-term finance until a more permanent form of finance can be arranged or the loan balance can be cleared.

Bridging loans can be extremely useful, as funds are provided quickly and efficiently in comparison to a applying for a mortgage. The main difference between mortgages and bridging is that bridging is very ‘short-term’ in comparison. Mortgages are usually taken out on 25-35 year terms. Bridging loans are generally offered for 1 year or less. However, it must be stressed that bridging loans usually come with high interest rates and fees and for this reason, are generally used as a last resort. Nonetheless, bridging loans can make financial sense when used correctly.

Bridging is largely assessed on the value of the property. The good news is, bridging lenders don’t make assessments on personal income whereas mortgage lenders do. The bad news is, lenders assess property value in varied ways, but this can be a good thing as it gives you more options.

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Compare Bridging Loan Quotes
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Gary has been great from the start, very professional and friendly. this was my first commercial finance and he answered all of my questions no matter how small & explained everything very well, for me to understand the whole process. I would definitely recommend TMH & if needed use their services again.