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Development Finance Broker

We specialise in helping new and experienced property developers raise bespoke finance for their project. As a development finance broker we are experienced in discussing projects in detail and we have access to a wide lender panel to help you source the funding you require.

The money associated with property development is significant, so it stands to reason companies require funding assistance to finalise deals and start or continue projects. Given the sums of money involved, time constraints, and the need to find value for money, it makes sense to call on a development finance broker’s service.

What is development finance?

Development finance is a short-term loan used for residential property developments. Construction work or refurbishment projects are examples of this style of finance in action.

How does development finance work?

The Development finance availably will usually be based upon the final Gross Development Value (GDV). This equates to the money loaned relating to the site's worth when payments for the refurbishment or construction work are complete.

The finance is drawn down in stages, also known as tranches, and these are paid after each stage has been completed and signed off by a qualified surveyor. Once the development is completed or properties within the development are complete, the finance is paid off usually by either re-financing or the sale of properties within the development.

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How to arrange development finance?
Speaking to an experienced development finance broker is essential. Every development project is unique and therefore your finance needs to be tailored to the project. An experienced broker could give you an idea of the finance available along with all the associated costs within hours.
Is it easy to get a self build mortgage?

This can vary and is dependent upon many factors such as, how much you want to borrow, the equity/deposit you will have, the Gross Development Value (Final projected completed value) and your experience. With any development finance you will always have these costs:

  • Lender Arrangement Fees.
  • Interest for borrowing the money.
  • Legal Fees.
  • Valuation Fees.

Your broker will clearly detail all associated fees and costs.

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